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The Cafe on the Edge of the World 

The seven time "Bestseller of the Year" will be coming to the big screen in 2023/2024!


Gifted by millions to those they love. The simple yet profoundly life changing story for anyone struggling to find their place in life. Seven time winner- Bestseller of the Year.

In a small cafe at a location so remote it stands in the middle of the middle of nowhere, a visitor finds three unusual questions on the back of a menu. 


Why are you here?

Do you fear death?

Are you fulfilled?


With this food for thought and the guidance of three people at the cafe, the visitor embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way discovering a new way to look at life, himself, and just how much you can learn from a green sea turtle.

The Cafe on the Edge of the World sells over 5 million copies and wins best seller of the year for the seven straight year!
The Big Five for Life hits 400 straight weeks as the #1 Bestselling leadership and self development book!  
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