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ISBN-13: 978-0991392056​

Gifted by millions to those they love. The simple yet profoundly life changing story for anyone struggling to find their place in life. Nine time winner- Bestseller of the Year.

In a small cafe at a location so remote it stands in the middle of the middle of nowhere, a visitor finds three unusual questions on the back of a menu. 


Why are you here?      Do you fear death?     Are you fulfilled?

With this food for thought and the guidance of three people at the cafe, the visitor embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way discovering a new way to look at life, himself, and just how much you can learn from a green sea turtle.

What I've Learned Front Cover E book US.

ISBN-13: B08JC882Z7

From #1 bestselling author, John Strelecky, comes this inspiring read. Arranged in short essays, the content contains a truly thought provoking collection of ideas about life, the world, and our place in it all. 

Building on the premise that we all have something to share, Strelecky opens his personal notebook of insights learned throughout his life, and at the same time, provides a framework for readers to reflect on and share their own learnings. 

A truly inspiring read that leaves you with life-changing perspectives on Love, Relationships, Happiness, Success, Nature, Ourselves, Challenges, and more.

The Big Five for Life John Strelecky 080

ISBN-13: 978-0983489627

#1 Bestselling Leadership and Self-Development Book for 8 straight years

The inspiring and powerful story of Thomas Derale. A man viewed by those around him as the greatest leader in the world. At fifty-five years of age, he learns he is dying. Yet even in that-the act of dying-he inspires everyone around him to live. 

The principles in this book, such as the Big Five for Life and Museum Day, have left positive, life-changing impressions on millions of readers around the world.


ISBN-13: 978-0991392025

#3 Bestselling Leadership and Self-Development Book

It has been seven months since the death of Thomas Derale. Joe-his best friend and protege-finds himself struggling. He knows he should be moving on with his life, but he can't seem to. 

On a suggestion from Thomas' widow, Joe takes a trip to visit an extraordinary company near Montreal, Canada. There he meets a man who inspires him to look at life, leadership, and letting go, with a new perspective. 

Through those experiences, Joe reconnects with the spirit of hope he first learned from Thomas, and remembers once again to make every day-a museum day.


ISBN-13: 978-0983489603

More than 54 weeks on bestseller lists worldwide.

Jack is a young man ​struggling to find happiness in his life. Halfway around the world, a very old, very wise African woman is on a journey of her own. As if their paths were destined to intertwine, these two unlikely travelers meet shortly after Jack's arrival in Africa. They join together on a journey which changes both of their lives forever. 

​Walk with them as they cross the African continent on foot. Marvel with them at the animals they encounter, the people they meet, and the adventures they experience. Like Jack, find through the teachings of Ma Ma Gombe, that piece of your soul yearning to be set free. 

AHAS! - Moments of Inspired Thought

ISBN-13: 978-0991392094

First introduced in Return to The Why Cafe, this book is a collection of inspiring thoughts. Learnings about life, learnings about self, ideas, concepts, flashes of insight and inspiration....

All are connected by the common thread that they produced an Aha! experience when they were first discovered. Most of the Ahas! are less than a page. A few a bit longer. Each with its own special energy. 

This is a wonderfully random book in that readers are encouraged to open the book at any random moment, to any random page, and begin reading. Where they are likely to discover, exactly what they need for that moment in their life. 


ISBN-13: 978-0983489641

Co-authored by John P. Strelecky, and Tim Brownson, this book contains the results of over twenty years of research into what is it that enables some people to do what they want, when they want in life, while so many others struggle. 

Filled with thought provoking explanations and stories, readers walk away with a roadmap for taking their life in the direction they want it to go. 


ISBN-13: 978-0991392018

More than 250 weeks in the top ten of Bestseller lists worldwide.

On a random night, along a forgotten road, John's life was forever changed when he wandered into a tiny place known affectionately as- The Why Cafe. After spending an entire evening there, he walked out with a new perspective about the meaning of life overall and about his life in particular. 

To his great surprise, ten years later he suddenly finds himself at the cafe once again. There are more questions on the cafe menu, along with new adventures to be had. And as before, his time at the cafe launches his life in an inspiring and new direction.

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